Wednesday, November 30, 2005


As an strategy to build a supporting network, I am inviting relevant actors to know our Cordillera to invite them to put our territory in their agenda. In this way, I am realizing that the problem of Cordillera was "an agency problem", I see la Cordillera as a big boundary object, plenty of little boundary objects... even I am discovering places where no body knows the owner... for example... who is the owner of the rights of use of water in Natural Sanctuary? who is responsible of maintaining the old road? who should get rid off the snow in winter? someone say... el ministerio, la municipalidad, un dia hubo un dueño...

When our institution elected me as Director, in some way they decided to concentrate all those forgotten agencies in one and only head. However, through all this diagnosis period, I realized that it could be a deep mistake to concentrate the agencia of local sustainable development of such a multi-stakeholder territory in just one institution. That´s why my focus is on concentrating my efforts in facilitating and involving all related stakeholders, re-distributing the agency, inviting actual local actors and other potential experienced and powerful actors that will connect our projects with other local and global networks... for example, aiesec, basque government,, Unesco, argentinan national parks... I am learning a lot about concentrating and re-distributing agency.

Best regards from the andean summits!

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