Monday, September 26, 2005


Milleniums ago, inka peoples walked around these mountains. Some of them climbed to El Plomo Summit (over 5.400 m.s). The Inka Trail linked mapuche territories with Machu Pichu. A few years ago, a body of a four years old boy was founded in la Pirca del Cerro El Plomo. He was offered as a ritual sacrifice to divinity of mountains. He had yerba de coca in his teeth to avoid pain.

A useful shelter during that Trail was the big stone known as Casa de Piedra. Nowadays, this "Flintstones" model Stone House is used by arrieros during summer. Unfortunately, due to ignorance and lack of awareness of tourists (more nationals than foreigners) this monument, part of archeological and cultural heritage, is degraded by a lot of graffittis and waste.

I imagine a summer work camp to recover and re-value this place. Signals, paths to integrate this destiny in tourism routes, young volunteers from Europe and Latin america working together with local community to defend cultural heritage.

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