Monday, September 26, 2005


Milleniums ago, inka peoples walked around these mountains. Some of them climbed to El Plomo Summit (over 5.400 m.s). The Inka Trail linked mapuche territories with Machu Pichu. A few years ago, a body of a four years old boy was founded in la Pirca del Cerro El Plomo. He was offered as a ritual sacrifice to divinity of mountains. He had yerba de coca in his teeth to avoid pain.

A useful shelter during that Trail was the big stone known as Casa de Piedra. Nowadays, this "Flintstones" model Stone House is used by arrieros during summer. Unfortunately, due to ignorance and lack of awareness of tourists (more nationals than foreigners) this monument, part of archeological and cultural heritage, is degraded by a lot of graffittis and waste.

I imagine a summer work camp to recover and re-value this place. Signals, paths to integrate this destiny in tourism routes, young volunteers from Europe and Latin america working together with local community to defend cultural heritage.

I love our logo.
I think it resumes our identity.
Green mountains, three people linked, blue sky and a rounded sun!

I understand those three people as collaboration among public, private and social sector, all of them working together for the sustainable development of mountains
I found this interestink links with really useful resources on alternative energies:

Sunday, September 25, 2005


Last week we received the visit of an Egyptian delegation of Ministry of Education.
They were visiting Chile to learn about the School Food Program. This program was awarded as one of the five best practices in the world.

They were impressed by the scenic beauty of our landscapes.
They played with the snows. They patiently answered childrens' questions about piramids and mommies. Last year Farellones School received a delegation from Irak.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Didactics and learning sustainability
We can learn a lot about sustainable energy generation and its practical applications by playing.
I would suggest you to visit this website and enjoy playing with wind power:
... perhaps it can provide material for teachers too.

“Thinking globally and acting locally”
The concept of sustainable development is very recent, and sustainable tourism is even younger. Until recently sustainability as been presented as anti-development, however things are never that simple. In fact, sustainable development and sustainable tourism must be strategic. There must be a strategy for sustainability.

Strategies are implemented to move an organization, or a community, from a current competitive position to a more desirable future competitive situation. Well, is there anything more desirable for a community than high living standards of wealth, justice and environment? Well, sustainability, because it is a very recent paradigm, it both very difficult to achieve but can be very rewarding after achieved. Not to speak of the scarce resources to achieve it in the first place. That is way a local strategy for sustainability is paramount.

A strategy for sustainable development in the Cordillera should be based on the current reality but also involving a vision of the intended future. Questions like: what produces and services will we be offering? What products and services we do not want to offer? Which market do we want to target? Who do I want to compete with? And who I don’t want to compete with? Shall we focus on tourism or on any other activity? Which economical activities?

In many cases sustainable solutions are very simple to cheap to implement. Particularly in the waste and energy management, we can implement many small solutions, that when all together make a huge contribution for sustainability. Bio-waste (food waste, animal feces, bushes, cooking oil) can be easily converted in bio-gas or bio-diesel. By applying energy more efficiently and converting waste in power, the community can make a clear contribution for its living standards, and attract more and better tourism.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Our territory appeared again in the news last sunday!

Lo Barnechea, leader in the ranking on Local Management (El Mercurio, 11/09/2005)

Record Winter Season (El Mercurio, 13/09/2005)

New Master Plan for Farellones: (La Tercera, 11/09/2005)

I feel I'm making my way, step by step, trying to decide wisely...
learning from each conversation with each actor.
We are facing big, huge challenges...
but I'm full of hope and thrive to push all these dreams to come true.

however, I know that I will not be able to do it just by myself.
I've got lots of ideas... but, unfortunately, God only gave me two hands.

That´s why I should start to put my powerful networks in action!

big hugs of light!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sierra Nevada Activa

In a near future, we hope to develop a website similar or better than this one:

It will surely be an inspiring model to imitate.

Don´t forget it and include it in your Gantt Chart.
Let me recommend you visiting this link just to read a pair of paragraphs on the new leading Director:

Saturday, September 10, 2005

A few days ago, I took a pretty picture of our fire sunset. Enjoy the colours:

a new light is rising in my project.
it´s related with waste management and energy.
in this little community, it's much easier to develop little pilot experiences.
I talked with the recycling manager it´s quite possible to implement easily the first initiatives. great! glass, paper, PET, biodiesel, compost...
all of these words will be the key.
ops, I forgot telling you about my new neighbour... he will probably become into water next week before knowing his name...

Sunday, September 04, 2005


Our Friends succeeded in their research about greener sources of energy.
Will they help us in our projects?
Read this links: