Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Minimum Impact in El Plomo

El Plomo is one of the favourite mountains for andinists, due to its accessibility, and for many Chilean mountaineers, the first five-thousand-summitt in their lives. More than one thousand people climbs El Plomo each summer season. Many expeditions prefer to climb it before the Aconcagua, because this helps them to acclimate better to the next step. Even several Adventure-tourism companies sell the combo-pack: Plomo + Aconcagua in three weeks.
Unfortunately, until now, there are no control systems nor environmental management of all this increasing demand.

That's why we invited to the relevant stakeholders to get involved in a minimum impact committee, in order to explore and manage an action plan to manage all the waste generated, involving each community member.

We are learning from international experiences, such as Aconcagua, the nearest one.
Our first meeting was three weeks ago. The mere fact of sitting around a table, is already an advance in this fragmented environment. Next week, we will have the following meeting, and we will arrange the visit of some experts in ecological W.C. with bio-filters (lumbricultura) ...

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