Sunday, August 21, 2005

today I am a little bit tired.
I love waste my sunday evenings diving the web for free thanks to a hotspot in my neighbourhood.
Last week was exciting in my new job. I have been working for a month in this new project.
Lots of things to do. Many meetings with diverse actors... all the energy and enthusiasm when starting new initiatives.
That´s why I love Chile... here you can start up whatever you desire.
This is a whole country ready for entrepreneurs. In Europe, we often think and feel that everything is invented, everything is discovered. However, in this narrow piece of land at the end of the world, in this developing country, if you got a dream, you can make it a project and then, make it real, only if you have patience and will.
I will post a litte picture of my new home. It's a little Palafito. I still remember the first time I heard this funny word... Palafito. It was in my early years at school. We were studying social sciences in a rainbowed blue coloured book. One of the first lessons dealt about diverse houses and buildings where humans live all around the world. I always associated Palafitos with indigenous people, with Jungle, with Filipinas... and now I live in one of them, in the middle of the white snowed Chilean Andes.
best regards,

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Alfonso said...

Congratulations Tawots, sounds +erfect for whome loves the mountains and almost alone life in the middle of nature scene.

also it gives me the idea of a new ice Age, with Chiloe Island in the midle of a snowy sea, cold, windy, and +erha+s very real because of climate change forsight...who knows..

Bytheway, I a+ologize for the letter: "+", my keyoard seems to be sick sometimes, so +lease take it easy.

best regards, and thanx for invitation to join this blog.